Welcome to the Shores of Tofino and Haida Gwaii 

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When the first explorers sailed Western North America and first anchored off Tofino's Canadian Shores and off the shores of Haida Gwaii  in the 1700's, they were awed at what they witnessed: vast open sandy beaches, friendly accepting peoples, lush forests filled with fresh water creeks, and the clean fresh misty sea filled air. Ever since the foreign sailors found the beautiful pristine wild sea shores, the Shores of Tofino  and the shores of Haida Gwaii have brought joy, peace, spiritual relaxation and complete inspiration with the fresh misty sea filled air, to those who visit. There is a definite wild charm to the stillness or the wild stormy days on the Tofino shores or the Haida Gwaii shores, the untamed waves slowing lapping on to the shores or the wild tempestuous waves crashing into the shoreline, an adventurous thrill that comes from visiting and exploring the endless expanses of the Tofino shores or the Haida Gwaii shores. If you visit and wander the vast expanses of the sandy beaches, every so often, if lucky, there is the hint of burning wood from an open air seaside bonfire lit by another awestruck visitor. It's in these two world reknowned, treasured locations that the true joy of the westcoast of Canada is found.

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When we found the crisp misty sea filled atmosphere of the Tofino shores and the Haida Gwaii shores, we thought everyone in the world should experience the clean sea filled air that is so fresh and exhilarating, so we embarked on this journey to offer the fresh sea filled air to the world.

​Now, we want to share the beauty of these world famous sea shores with you. By creating Air Tofino and Haida Gwaii Air, collected fresh misty sea filled air, a venture that is born from a love of these incredible scenic sandy beach locations, we hope to give everyone an opportunity to experience a little bit of the place that we treasure. We strive to find the most remote locations on the vast sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers (miles) and the freshest misty sea filled air possible so that we can provide you with the true Westcoast Canada experience.

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We Scoop Air Directly From The Source

We scoop the fresh misty sea filled air into jars that are sealed on the spot, we bring the fresh air to you. We collect the air on site and seal the jar(s) on site and ship to you as soon as possible. Taken straight from the sandy sea shores of Tofino or Haida Gwaii, your order choice,  — definitely some of the cleanest air in the world — our jars range in the available sizes and give you a hint of fresh air. We also offer now, collection of sea water with sand particles from the shores of Tofino or Haida Gwaii, that also give you fresh air filled with sea water scent, collected on the spot from either the shores of Tofino or Haida Gwaii, your choice. Not only will you be benefiting from clean fresh air, with possible scents of burning bonfire, or sea water collected from either location as per your order, you will get a taste of these pristine sea shores. 

Fresh Sea filled air mixed with the hint of burning bonfire!

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Why Breathe Fresh Tofino or Haida Gwaii Air? 

Experience The shores that are the most pristine in the world, buy a jar of fresh air for your magical experience!

Clean air is good for your mental health. It increases focus, reduces headaches, and relieves tension. Our air will also give the fresh air experience of the shores!

Clean air is good for your mental health. It increases focus, reduces headaches, and relieves tension.