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Recent News Stories that affirm the need for 420 ERRL Coin, which will be success, and appreciate in value due to usage in retail cannabis locations operated by 420 ERRL Coin

December 2018 article on using cash for purchases

Privacy Watchdog recommends using cash to purchase legal cannabis at legal retail outlets.

The success of CDB products from Hemp, and the problem with legal Cannabis sales proceeds, from FORBES ARTICLE OF DECEMBER 30, 2018

""The one thing I like about this business is I don’t think its correlated with the rest of the world or stock market," said Weissman. "It's going up regardless. I think the applications for hemp-derived CBD could be extremely large, and exceed the $50 billion for the marijuana black market."

One of the biggest problems the company experienced in 2018 was with its credit card processor. Before the Farm Bill, the sale of hemp and marijuana was restricted by the federal government. This led most banks, credit card companies and other payment systems to refuse to process payments for sales of cannabis products.

The company had established an account with federally chartered bank, but the credit card processor routed transactions through the United Kingdom because the mainstream credit card merchants weren't allowing this to occur. This led to questions of fraud activity by the credit card processors, as well as, clients using their products."

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